Our students from Nigeria on the Youth Summit

Ogba Toochukwu Michael

15 years old

I am so happy and very much excited to be among the participants of the 2023 Global Youth Summit in Heilbronn, Germany. My expectations are to make new friends, try out new dishes, visit some really exciting places, get to know more about other people’s culture and also to get a new travel experience. The summit means a lot to me as I will have the chance to join the galaxy of impactful Changemaker, widen my knowledge, expand my social network, and just get to know what life seems like away from my fatherland.
Am looking forward to community events, guest speakers, and a conference that would be full of fun, excitement and many more.

Edeh Amarachi Treasure

15 years old

I am proud and happy to be among the students that will be traveling to Germany for the international youth in Heilbronn, Germany. There are many things I expect to see and do when I travel to Germany, one of my expectations is that I expect to interact with different kinds of people and also make new friends, learn new languages; I will also like to get around and see a new environment in a different country. Traveling to Germany for the International Youth Summit means a lot to me because it will help me to have an international travel experience, develop critical thinking competency and make me smarter. It is also an opportunity to try out new cuisines. I hope for a really interesting journey.