The students from the Ellental-Gynmasium, Germany, are presenting themselves

We have also interviewed our participating students from the Ellental-Gymnasium in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany. Their social school life is characterized by responsibility, fairness and transparency.


Grade 6

I’m looking forward to get to know different point of views towards sustainability from pupils my age. Our projects can be inspiring for other pupils. I hope we will work together well.


Grade 6

I’m curious to meet foreign cultures and pupils with the same motivation about empowerment for sustainability-projects at school. I would love to interview them.


Grade 6

I hope to get familiar with their problems and projects to create a better world. I want to exchange experiences about projects in school and to meet each other in real life – make friends and have international contacts.


Grade 7

I’m looking forward to a great time of having fun together.
I hope to receive new input and ideas to realize in school and I would like to give inspiration back.


Grade 7

Having fun and learning new things is important to me. I also think that we could support and profit from each other. Making progress at sustainability is only possible if we work well together.