Students from the FvaG, Germany, are sharing their views

Today we present the comments from our students at the Friedrich-von-Alberti-Gymnasium in Bad Friedrichshall, Germany. The basis for their sustainable and social engagement is built by the values appreciation, tolerance and reliability.

Joy Weber

17 years old

By participating in the Youth summit 2023 I hope to form new international friendships with many inspiring people! I hope sharing our personal ideas and experiences can broaden each others horizons and that by doing so we can find sustainable solutions and ways of fighting against global crises together. With this Youth Summit I hope to set an example for current generations to come together in order to from an understanding of each others identity, needs and ideas so that together we can help each other in the best ways possible to create a better world for us all.


15 years old

The Youth Summit is important to me because I think that it brings „sustainability“ to the youth in a playful and interesting way. Even unmotivated young people who may not yet have dealt with the subject are confronted with the importance and hopefully also brought to think. It is from children for children and that is a great and also for me an important concept.


I am participating in the Youth Summit because it is an enrichment for me. I also find it interesting to get to know different people who have different views on certain topics. Thanks to the Youth Summit, I have a better world view in terms of sustainability. I’m already excited to see what experiences I’ll take with me from the Youth Summit for the future.


I am a part of the Youth Summit because it gives us all a tremendous opportunity to work together to make the world a little better.


The Youth Summit is a unique opportunity for me and all of us, together with people from all over the world, to be able to take different perspectives and work TOGETHER on the problems of our world.


The Youth Summit is such a great opportunity to meet new interested people, to guide them to the topic of sustainability, to make new friends and to do something for the world with your friends.


I participate at the Youth Summit because I want to help educate people about sustainability and give them insights on what they can do and change.